Our company

45 years of quality and passion.

Gobbato is an Italian firm deeply inspired by its region, Veneto, and based on a rich tradition, the craftsmanship of the jewelry product combined with the passion and the desire to create a jewel able to give emotions. From the first workshop of Piazzola sul Brenta, the company moved to the headquarter of Camisano Vicentino changing the name into MPM and quickly turning into an organized reality, always loyal to its origins: now as then Gobbato collections reflect the long experience and tradition of exceptional quality given by a careful manual activity, with a continuous dialogue between the past, the present and the future. All the Gobbato jewels are signed, and each creation is unique, reflecting the passion and the care for each single piece.

Technology & Craftsmanship

A winning combination.

The Gobbato jewels are created according to the best goldsmith traditions well-known for centuries: brushes, chisels, drills and chisels run on metal surface to make each jewel an unique piece. In the last few years the innovation has joined the tradition: 3d printers, protofusion and laser cutting machines are used to create jewelry with deeply fine details and innovative forms, as a response to the needs of the contemporary aesthetic preferences. All Gobbato jewels are guaranteed by important certifications, such as the 100% Made in Italy, the TF (Traceability & Fashion Certified nr. AGR 0107) and the voluntary certification of the Chamber of Commerce.